We know a thing or two about making money clips and wallets. We're the creators of the M-Clip money clip, one of the best wallet alternatives you can buy. Our love for unique and functional money clips has inspired us to come up with something completely different, something out of our comfort zone and made in an entirely different way.

We wanted to create a money clip that was different in several ways but most importantly, super flat on the money - something much thinner than a wallet and hardly noticeable in your pocket. This meant designing a way to eliminate the tall flared lip on traditional money clips, but maintaining that thin material profile. Our idea was to incorporate an aperture or hole in the top of the clip that allows you to press the other side open far enough to get it over whatever you are carrying. We then engineered it to have a slightly raised edge that would give you grip to easily pull the Tightwad back off of the cash and cards. It's a simple design that is easy to use and creates one of the thinnest ways in the world to carry your stuff. They will be available in steel and 100% high-grade carbon fiber.






I've never used a money clip before this because having everything loose inside the clip scared me. Not to mention every clip I ever encountered a pain to manipulate. Tightwad solved every single one of my gripes so I figured I'd give it a shot. Love this is little guy. Instead of a giant leather billfold that I have to remove from my pocket to sit comfortably, I have something that is basically the size of what I had in my wallet. It's simple to use and strong. I hope this thing lasts until I die so I never have to go back to a wallet.

Jeff W.

Sunnyvale, CA


Got mine and have to say I really like the design. It's deceptively light and basically adds no weight to my few bills I carry. Keep the products coming!

Robert E.

Valley Village, CA


Mahalo Nui to Mark and the Tightwad team for going above and beyond customer service. I'm addicted to quality goods and carbon fiber. This money clip has satisfied both obsessions. Simply amazing. Thanks again for a great kickstarter!




These are amazing!

John K.

Las Vegas, NV


I gave it to one of my buddy that carry a large amount of cash and it works perfect for him, we have tried many of the money clips out there and none would work for him, this is a extremely well made Money Clip hard to fit a well built Carbon Fiber clip. I currently own 25 money from 300 to 5k and would put this up against any of then, why to go TIGHTWADE. 5 stars to you.

Jess A.

National City, CA


Love this money clip! Design is lightweight, easy to use and looks sharp. I'm definitely getting a spare for myself and one for my Dad, who loves the Carbon Fiber look. Great job!

Nick M.

Somerville, MA


++ kickstarter project, received already, great product!

Helmuth N.



I received this and was delighted with the quality. Well done, guys.

Michael M.

United Kingdom